Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Involved In Crime Scene Clean Up?

We are commonly referred to as "Second Responders". Many of us operate directly together with nearby police forces, medical examiners, and various organizations to get your current office or home that now has a sanitary problem, back into its original condition. Scene Care's proprietary scene cleanup methods involve taking away all blood, bio-fluids and organic materials associated with violent crimes and suicides. We will also virtually remove any fingerprint dust or additional chemicals that might have been used by investigators while performing their analysis. Immediately after sanitizing your location, we remove all impacted structural aspects of the scene and deliver any byproducts to a licensed medical disposal facility.

Unattended Death

We all recognize that when someone passes away alone, generally it's a shocking experience for the family. You are immediately thrown into a situation, that five minutes before was the furthest thing from your mind. On an emotional level, you have lost a family member and in the case of an unattended death, there is a death scene contamination that needs to be addressed immediately in order to remove the odor and contaminants. Decomposition is a natural happening when someone has died and not found for a certain amount of time. Normal bodily materials breakdown usually right away depending on temperature and conditions in the home or premises. The method begins practically immediately following death, and when this death goes undiscovered, biological dangers may well present themselves by means of bacteria, mold, even pest infestation. Damage by this decomposition on the home as well as private items may be intensive, as odors will permeate the most porous materials

No matter the dimensions of the home, a professional cleanup will be the only way to guard one's health and preserve the private residence any time faced with this sort of difficult scenario. In these kinds of instances, Scene Care makes certain our own individuals are considerate, sympathetic and compassionate as well as discreet. The objective should be to thoroughly clean the property immediately and to ensure that the grieving family members can return to the home safely and securely.

What Sorts Of Cleaning Materials Are Used in This Process?

We utilize both every day retail offered solvents along with high end industrial cleaning solutions, developed over several years of disinfecting these types for different cleanups in the field. Each of our distinctive, multi-stage clean-up procedures sanitize along with deodorizes any contaminated surfaces in the residence, returning them into a protected, livable environment. Following cleaning, we take very specific methods to make sure that all chemical substances are taken out of the area and disposed of with a safe medical disposal firm and keeping any remaining odors to a minimum.

Is This Covered On My Insurance?

Every case is different but in our experience, most times our fees are covered by your homeowner's or renter's insurance.

How Long Does This Type Of Cleanup Take?

We are usually done within 6 to 10 hours depending on the severity of the traumatic event. We have been on crime scenes for two days before, but those are not the norm. We do our best to get the site sanitized and ready for you to be back in the premises as quickly as possible.

How Soon Can You Begin Work, After I Call?

We are usually on the scene within two to four hours of the time we speak to you. If we may need to pick up special equipment before we arrive, that could delay us a little bit, but we keep you informed before we get there and during our cleanup so that you always know where we are in the process.

Why Should I Hire A Crime Scene Cleanup Company?

We have the most experience in cleaning up all the biohazards that present themselves in a traumatic or unattended death. This is not a job to be tackled by your local office cleaning or carpet cleaning companies. They are not familiar with all the hazardous contaminants that can be present when a death occurs.

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